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What can Perlfect do for you?

Perlfect Solutions specializes in programming for the web or intranet. Our services focus on application oriented web design and programming to cover the needs of even the most demanding customers, ranging from small businesses to corporate sites. Whether you are looking for a simple cgi script, an administrative tool, a database-driven web application or a full-fledged professional web site design, we have the know-how and experience to provide you with modern and sophisticated solutions to meet and surpass your expectations.


Making an agreement on a project should not be thought of merely as "buying a program/script". The script or program might be the final deliverable, but there are are a number of important services involved in the process that pay a critical role in the making of a useful and satisfying result. That is why, we do not just "sell scripts", rather we are providing a complete set of software engineering services. More specifically the services we offer in all our projects are:
  1. Consulting you to arrive at the most suitable requirements specification for your needs
  2. Design of a system to meet those needs and reviewing of the design with you so you have a clear idea of what we will build, before we start development.
  3. Programming, testing and additional modifications or extensions as needed.
  4. Installation
  5. Technical support in case you need assistance in using the product or if you discover a bug.


We do not use hourly rates - a common practice in the web design and custom programming business - to price our projects. We believe that you need to know in advance what you project will cost so that you can budget with confidence. We will discuss your project with you, find out all the requirements and provide you with a quote for a given sepcification. Our quotes correspond to the full cost of a deliverable that will satisfy the agreed specification including all the services mentioned in the previous paragraph. It is our responsibility to evaluate a fair price for the project and to deliver it for that price.

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To find out what we can do for you, and receive free consulting and project evaluation, use our Quote Request Form to tell us about your needs and we will get back to you to further discuss the options and costs regarding your project.

Perlfect Search

Perlfect Search is a free, sophisticated, powerful, versatile, customizable and effective site indexing/searching suite available under an open source license (GPL).

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