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Perlfect Search success!



Here are some comments we have received from people that use Perlfect Search.
  • "You spelled it wrong, it's PERFECT!"
    -- Tim Tibbets

  • "Thank you for your free script, it runs 'perlfectly' on BSD with about 600 html files!"
    -- Jerome Lipowicz, abcdent

  • "Excellent Search script. Nicely designed and well organized."
    -- Jeffrey Bouquio

  • "You guys have done a very good job in making Perlfect Search Engine available. Easy to install, maintain, supportive of virtual host options, fast and configurable ...Well done."
    - Steve Nguyen, KBmail

  • "I've been looking at your excellent search engine. You seem to have done a very good job - congratulations."
    -- Nigel Booker, Anix Computers Consultant

  • "I think your product is great and it's one of the best search engines I've tried."
    -- Drew McMillen,

  • "We have been quite pleased with the script. It was quick to set up on NT, and easy to customize."
    -- Computer Network Power