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[Perlfect-search] Two questions - indexing dynamic pages and time display

Barker, Robert R. BarkerJR at
Tue Oct 12 14:26:38 GMT 2004
I'm having trouble getting Perlfect to index some of my .asp pages.  I
have a single dynamic page that serves as the template for some 110
services our company offers to customers.  After indexing, I can't find
any of these pages anywhere - even when I specifically search for the
services.  I've added the service names to the meta tags and page titles
and can see them both when I look at the source code but have not been
able to get get these specific pages to come up in any search.  Should I
be indexing via http rather than simply running  If so, how
do I set that up when the scripts directory is a couple of levels above
the webroot?
Second question pertains to the date that is displayed for the last
update.  I'm guessing that it it generating the date in GMT as it's
several hours off from what our local time is on the server.  How can I
change that date to represent the local time?  I've tried several things
but am not very fluent in Perl and all my efforts have generated errors
when I re-indexed the site.
Any help would be appreciated.
Bob Barker
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