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[Perlfect-search] new files are indexed but not searchable

Stefan A. Hoyer mail at
Wed Nov 17 21:07:15 GMT 2004
On 17 Nov 2004 at 21:21, Daniel Naber wrote:

> That looks like the access log, not like the error log.

Ough, yes, you are right. Sorry, at this time I have no access to the 
error log.

> > What can I do to make perlfect search generate new files in the 'data'
> > directory during the reindex?
> Delete all the files in "data" and make sure everybody has write access to 
> that directory.

I did this two things ... and the next search after reindexing ended 
again with a internal server error. After that I reinstalled 'perlfect 
search' => same error. And after that I installed it in a new directory => 
same error again.