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[Perlfect-search] new files are indexed but not searchable

Stefan A. Hoyer mail at
Fri Nov 5 18:56:16 GMT 2004
Hello Daniel,

On 5 Nov 2004 at 18:50, Daniel Naber wrote:

> What does the output look like? Are there any errors (maybe in the web 
> server log)? 

No, not many errors. No errors seem to come from 'perlfect search'. 

> You could try to delete all files in "data" manually and then 
> re-index.

I did it ... and the next search ended with a 500 Message (Internal 
Server Error). A look in the directory showed me, that only the 
file 'content_tmp' was created new. It was good to have a backup! 

Any other ideas?