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[Perlfect-search] new files are indexed but not searchable

Stefan A. Hoyer mail at
Fri Nov 5 11:25:23 GMT 2004
Hello Perlfect user,

I use 'perlfect search' for more than one year now. It is a very good 
tool! Now suddenly there is a problem: new files are being indexed but 
are not shown in the results. When I reindex the pages, 'perlfect 
search' says it indexes 57 HTML files. But when I perform a query, 
'perlfect search' says it is searching in 53 HTML files.

What can I do to make 'perlfect search' search in all my HTML files? It 
seems, that the files in the directory 'data' are not updated. I use 
perlfect search 3.31b.

Thank you for your help.