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[Perlfect-search] Two questions - indexing dynamic pages and time display

Daniel Naber daniel.naber at
Tue Nov 2 19:59:15 GMT 2004
On Tuesday 12 October 2004 16:26, Barker, Robert R. wrote:

> able to get get these specific pages to come up in any search.  Should I
> be indexing via http rather than simply running

You need to set $HTTP_START_URL in to a start URL so the script 
crawls your pages via http (instead of loading them from disk).

> If so, how 
> do I set that up when the scripts directory is a couple of levels above
> the webroot?

You can set @HTTP_LIMIT_URLS to a list of URL which are allowed, i.e. these 
URLs and everything below can be indexed.

> update.  I'm guessing that it it generating the date in GMT as it's
> several hours off from what our local time is on the server.  How can I
> change that date to represent the local time?

Not sure, the code in looks like this:
This looks okay time me, but you could try changing it (maybe to gmtime or 
time). The time is just the time of the "update" file in the "data"