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[Perlfect-search] Switching from .html to .php -- any potential problems?

Linda Antonsson
Mon, 17 May 2004 17:07:54 +0200
webmaster wrote:

> For my site, I created a document inventory, with a link to all public
> documents. That is linked from the help page, which is linked from the
> http_start_url page. Thus, all pages that I want indexed are found by
> the crawler. And a manifest/inventory of some sort is good for visitors,
> too.  :-)

True, that would be one option, but I have yet to find a good tool for 
automatically generating a sitemap, and I change things around too often 
to have to do it manually each time. :)

The main problem I have is a section of 450+ files which aren't directly 
linked anywhere as they're opened via javascript popups, and they'd make 
a sitemap far too huge to be much use as well.

Thanks for your comments, though, in regards to the advantages and 
disadvantages of http indexing. :)