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[Perlfect-search] Switching from .html to .php -- any potential problems?

Sun, 16 May 2004 17:28:09 -0400
[I've only been on this for a few months; if we aren't supposed to
respond to others posts, let me know. So far, I've only seen questions
posed by list members, and responses from Daniel Naber.]

Linda Antonsson wrote:

> Daniel Naber wrote:
>> On Sunday 16 May 2004 21:44, Linda Antonsson wrote:
>>> How much of a disadvantage is it to index via http?

For me, it's an advantage, because the urls returned by searches are
exactly as they are on the web, and no "beta" pages are returned.

>>> Is it much more insecure and/or resource draining?

This only DN can answer. But it seems that there can only be a
difference during reindexing. How often do you crawl your site?

>> All your pages must be linked from your start page, otherwise they
>> won't be found (unlike on indexing disk).
> That might be more problematic.

For my site, I created a document inventory, with a link to all public
documents. That is linked from the help page, which is linked from the
http_start_url page. Thus, all pages that I want indexed are found by
the crawler. And a manifest/inventory of some sort is good for visitors,
too.  :-)