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[Perlfect-search] Dynamic Page (PHP pages) Indexing Problems

Michael Borck
Mon, 1 Mar 2004 17:25:04 +0800
Hi All,

> Based on this, I suspect it is a problem with the sturucture of the 
> index file, which might be being caused by different versions of 
> DB_File installed.   The configuration here is that I cannot directly 
> log onto the web server, only have access to an shared area on the 
> server.   So I think when I index via the file system, the local 
> version of DB_File is different to the version of DB_File on the web 
> server.

Yep this was the problem.  The techos ran the indexer on the server 
(not via a mounted filesystem on a different box) and the index files 
are okay and search is working again.