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[Perlfect-search] problem including with wildcard
Mon, 16 Feb 2004 15:43.35 +0100

i have a problem with "reduced searching".

on an appplication portals page i implemted a reduced search function using
perlfect search:
i want to reduce the search to the applications directory and files ending
with _nav.htm.
doc root in is
$DOCUMENT_ROOT = '/var/www/test/';

so i set include=/var/www/test/_arisproto/*_nav.htm as described in the
when i search for the string "900" (yes indexing numbers is on), i get no

when i set  include=/var/www/test/_arisproto/   i get 5 results.

when i set  include=/_arisproto/*_nav.htm   i get no results.

i cannot resist the impression that "*_nav.htm" is not interpreted as i
meant it.

so, daniel , please help me