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[Perlfect-search] Start-Url Problems

david groeling pokerup2001 at
Tue Dec 14 13:53:21 GMT 2004
Im having a heck of a time getting http search to
work. I have read the documentation over and over and
have tried numerous if not all of the variable
settings that  i can imagine.
Here are current and most accurate settings that i
use. With these settings i can do all but index from
the web. I would like to index from the web as of the
use of active page's such as .php content.

$DOCUMENT_ROOT = '/www/Apache2/htdocs/';
$BASE_URL = '';
    I know this is the setting that sets the actual
     link specfication from your search page. All 
     my links point to the proper page and server     
     protocol HTTPS.
$CGIBIN = '/cgi-bin/perlfect/search/';
@EXT = ("htm","html","shtml","xml","php");

Now in order for all this to work properly i can not
use the http start url wich i really would like to.
As stated i have tried every possible variable i can
think of. The best results i have gotten are 1 page
scanned 0 pages indexed 0 content indexed. When i use
the start HTTP url varaible.


Are there any problems with this on my side that
anyone can see?
Are there any problems in the code that prevents this
option from working properly?

I have come to like this program i have actually
looked for quite a long time for a good search engine
i think i have found it here. This is very good work
and i must appluad you all for doing such a good job.

Well Merry Christmas all 
PS: Santa at Perlfect Search please respond with all
positive answers to my ?s Oh yeah and dont forget to
look under the tree i have left you something there
again this year.

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