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[Perlfect-search] Indexing using a broswer: response code 500

Steve Lawrence
Wed, 17 Sep 2003 08:26:42 -0600
Try indexing via the file system or us
as your start url. 

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[] On Behalf Of Niina
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 6:55 AM
Subject: [Perlfect-search] Indexing using a broswer: response code 500


I'm trying to get Perflect Search 3.31b to work, and everything is going
fine until I'm trying to run in a browser. I do not have
to the server via telnet, so browser indexing is my only option.
The starts to run properly, but then it gets stuck to an
Couldn't get '': response code 500.
So it indexes 0 files and I'm back to where I started. I've been trying
change the HTTP_START_URL in the configuration file, but without
Right now it looks like this: $HTTP_START_URL = '';
it doesn't work.

Here's what happens while running

Using DB_File...
Checking for old temp files...
Building string of special characters...
Loading 'no index' regular expressions:
    - /home/example/*
    - */cgi-bin/*
    - */stats/*
Loading stopwords...371 stopwords loaded.
Starting crawler...
Note: I will not visit more than $HTTP_MAX_PAGES=100 pages.
Error: Couldn't get '': response code 500

Crawler finished: indexed 0 files, 0 terms (0 different terms).
Ignored 0 files because of conf/no_index.txt
Ignored 0 files because of robots.txt

Calculating weight vectors:
0%  10%  20%  30%  40%  50%  60%  70%  80%  90%  100%
Removing unused db files:
Renaming newly created db files...
    /cgi-bin/data/terms_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/terms
    /cgi-bin/data/docs_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/docs
    /cgi-bin/data/urls_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/urls
    /cgi-bin/data/sizes_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/sizes
    /cgi-bin/data/titles_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/titles
    /cgi-bin/data/dates_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/dates
    /cgi-bin/data/content_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/content
    /cgi-bin/data/desc_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/desc
    /cgi-bin/data/inv_index_tmp to /cgi-bin/data/inv_index
Indexer finished.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do? I'm having a
tight schedule, so a quick reply would be highly appreciated! :)


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