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[Perlfect-search] Searches are no longer logged.

Linda Antonsson
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 19:06:08 +0200

This is possibly not a PerlFect problem, but to be able to effectively
troubleshoot for what the problem really is, I need to eliminate the
possibility that the error lies with PerlFect.

The situation is this: Last week, my host suffered disk failure. The
data was rescued, tarballed and moved to another drive. However, after a
few days I noticed that although my search engine works fine from the
user end, the searches are no longer being logged. Prior to the crash,
this worked perfectly.

So, what could have caused this problem? I really think it may very well
be a server error, but I could use some help pinpointing what it might
be, to help my host troubleshoot.

I've checked the CHMOD settings and they seem to match what is indicated
in the README. That is, 755 on most everything except which
is 700. The logfile itself was, however, set at 644 (I think it has been
at 644 all the time, though, but I could be wrong), although setting it
to 755 didn't solve the problem. The actual PerlFect directory is at 755
too, and the directory above it (Scripts) is at 751. Could permissions
further up the chain matter as well? If so, this is the setupt:

/data (755)/users (755)/<username> (751)/public_html (751)/Scripts
(751)/PerlFect (755)/

Any thoughts on what's up?