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[Perlfect-search] Announce: Perlfect Search 3.31

Daniel Naber
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 02:49:33 +0100

a new version of Perlfect Search has just been released. You can get it at 
the usual location:

Some small bugs have been fixed and the following features have been added:

* support for external filters, e.g. antiword to index MS-Word (thanks to 
Klaus Weidner)

* date of last index update now appears in the (English) result 

* new option $MAX_RESULTS to limit the number of matches

* partial support for robots.txt when indexing via http (thanks to Jerrad 
Pierce) - it's called "partial" support because it only works for one 
server (which should not be a problem, as Perlfect Search isn't really 
suited to index more than one server at once)

* index frames (even without noframe) (patch by Vlad Romanenko)

* improved indexing via index_form.html:
  -no more attempts to download the result with MSIE
  -display warnings if $HTTP_DEBUG is turned on