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[Perlfect-search] Indexing and searching multiple domains

Daniel Naber
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 22:30:39 +0100
On Friday 31 January 2003 21:17, Ken Petersen wrote:

> I am using Perlfect 3.30. I need to be able to search 2 or more domains
> and have the results come back as one set on the same web page. Is
> this
> something that indexing via HTTP can handle?

If you set @HTTP_LIMIT_URLS accordingly, yes. You may only index your own 
servers and you need to watch indexing progress because the crawler might 
get stuck somewhere and will not stop. Also robots.txt files are currently 

> If so, can I also put all
> the files/folders I want excluded from the search from both domains
> into
> one noindex.txt file?


> Also is there a limit to the number of domains
> that can be indexed this way?

Theoretically not. In reality, however, Perlfect Search was written only 
for one server.