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[Perlfect-search] Problems with logging and no_index after upgrading.

Linda Antonsson
Sat, 13 Dec 2003 23:11:20 +0100
Daniel Naber wrote:

> The script needs write access to the log file, data/log.txt. 
> Create that file and make it writeable for everyone.

Oh, okay. I had thought owner writeable would be enough.  So it should 
be 666, not 600? I thought I used to have it with tighter permissions, 
but guess I was mistaken. :)

> The error log contains the exact error message. Probably the Time::HiRes 
> module for Perl is missing.

Thanks. Don't have access to my error logs, but that's probably it.

> Then the real path is probably different from the one in the no_index.txt 
> file, e.g. because of symlinks. Make sure to write the path as it's 
> displayed during indexing (usually an absolute path name).

Indeed, I was being stupid. Forgot that my host changed the path to my 
home directory. :)

>>Also, I turned on the option for highlighting matches, and the pages
>>returned when I click on such a link are missing all graphics and
>>external CSS styling. Is this normal?
> No, but it's difficult to tell what the problem is without an example URL.

Here's the page itself:
And here's how it comes if I click on the 'highlight matches' link on 
the search result page:

Do I need to set $HTTP_START_URL, perhaps? I am not indexing over the 
web, however.