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[Perlfect-search] Problems with logging and no_index after upgrading.

Linda Antonsson
Sat, 13 Dec 2003 21:18:02 +0100

After belatedly upgrading to the last version, I am running into a 
couple of problems:

1) Logging no longer seems to occur. I have turned it on in, 

2) If I try to comment out the lines at the beginning of search.cgi to 
get it to log date of search query and the time it took, I get the 
following error message when I try to search: Premature end of script 
headers: search.cgi

3) My no_index.txt file no longer seems to be respected, as searches 
return matches from directories that should be blocked off.

Any thoughts on what might be wrong?

Also, I turned on the option for highlighting matches, and the pages 
returned when I click on such a link are missing all graphics and 
external CSS styling. Is this normal?