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[Perlfect-search] inv_index: No such file or directory

Rochus Wolff
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 11:58:42 +0200
Dear all,

I have installed Perlfect Search by the book (or, rather, readme); runs fine and I can call search.cgi (has to be cgi on
my server) via telnet on my server. Works well, gives results.

When I try to call it via http, however, i get an error message:
Software error:
Cannot open /home/q/querelle/public_html/suche/data/inv_index:
No such file or directory at
/server/www-adm/doc/ line 76.

I know this kind of message has showed up with some people already,
but their solutions don't seem to work in my case.
It seems weird there is no problem calling it on the server and
not being able to call it from the browser. Other cgi-scripts
in the same directory work fine, though.

All the files in the data/ directory have 755 reading/writing
permissions, so it can't be that. What else could it be?

Thanks for any help.