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[Perlfect-search] Found a solution for indexing on a windows local machine uploading to internet server!!!

morgan cox
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 12:53:31 +0100
Hello Guys,

After trying for days i gave up attempting to index on my win98 local
machine and  copying to our remote server, as the files in the data
directory became uncompatiable.

I have however found a solution, it works and now i can index my entire site
on my local machine and use the database files for my remote server !!!!

Needless to say, i'm very very happy!

Unfortunatly i could not find a way using perlfect, but i found another
search engine script that is based on the perlfect code and has nearly the
same amount of features.

Its called ksearch , located at

The reason that this works and perlfect doesn't is because it has an option
to not use the DB_File module .

You can set $USE_DBM = 0;

If you have messed about with perlfect you can set it up in minutes.

Hope this helps some people.

Thanks for all who tried to help me.