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[Perlfect-search] perlfect stops indexing after first page

Gerd Gessinger
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 13:32:05 +0200
Hello perlfect-search-list,

i installed perlfect on a Linux-Server (virtual host).
I start the indexer via http and it starts indexing, but it stops
after the first page (index.php). I doesn't follow any Link.

I changed the entry point to another page, but that makes no
difference. perlfect will only index this first page.

What can be wrong?

the output is:

Starting crawler...
Note: I will not visit more than $HTTP_MAX_PAGES=10000 pages.
Crawler finished: indexed 1 files, 0 terms (0 different terms),
ignored 0 files because of conf/no_index.txt

Best regards,

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