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[Perlfect-search] cgi/indexer/NT

Brenda Schmidt
Thu, 9 May 2002 08:40:28 -0400
Hello All!

I am new to the list, and, actually, new to Perl, in general.  I was asked to add a search engine to a site, and I found Perlfect Search, which was very easy to install and configure, so far.

However, since I do not have access to the remote server for this particular client, I need to give them a way to run the Indexer when they make changes, or have it automatically run on a routine basis (nightly?). 

In any event, since I had problems getting the indexer to run (on an NT server), I had an e-mail exchange with Daniel and he suggested I change the extension from "pl" to "cgi" on the Indexer file and related form action & that I join the list for some of my other questions.

After I changed the extension to "cgi", it did start to execute, however, now I have an error that says "%1 is not a valid Win32 application." when trying to run the Indexer_Form.html.
I have looked around and cannot see why it is generating this error message.  Anyone have any input?
Anyone have ideas on how to have the indexer run on a routine basis on NT?
Any help or direction is GREATLY appreciated.  Any other TIPS would also be appreciated (speed & efficiency in mind!)

B. Schmidt