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[Perlfect-search] Internal 500 error still with and version 3.30

Beth Hopkins
Tue, 7 May 2002 11:00:17 -0400
Hello all.  My name is Beth Hopkins and yes, I'm a newbie to the world
of cgi scripts.  I may just have a bad install, but everything is
pointing correctly, the indexer ran via telnet just fine, but when I try
to test the script I get an internal error instead of the null
search result.  I've even tried just running the search from an html
page outside of the cgi-directory pointing to the correct file and no
such luck.  Since the indexer worked under telnet...then the perl path
is correct, and it is the same in the (now .cgi...though I may
just change it back since it didn't solve the problem.)

I have followed the recent threads with suggestions, including changing
the name of to search.cgi.  Perlfect::Template does have caps,
but so do the appropriate directories and files.  I took the # off the
one line under CGI as suggested and also the time/date module was
already appropriatley commented out.  So I guess I must have a unique

I'm currently trying to gain access to the error logs, since I'm sure
that without that info you all would be just guessing as to why its not
working.  However, I wanted to at least introduce myself and put the
problem out in case others may be experiencing these types of problems.
I would dearly love to have someone just look it all over, but I'm
afraid $100 is way out of my budget for that kind of help. (were a
non-profit site as it is. Non-profit = no money)  The search script is
for my site but what I try and find that works, often
will be implemented on the official sites for the ministry I volunteer

TIA.  I appreciate the helpful atmosphere here and hope we can work
together to resolve the issue and people will be able to search my site!

Beth Hopkins,

Online Assistant
"Recovering Humanity's Hope"