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[Perlfect-search] Performances and processor

Daniel Naber
Sun, 3 Mar 2002 03:20:23 +0100
On Sunday 03 March 2002 02:59, Stephane Smets wrote:

> The first : my web server running NT4 SP6 and Perl was a "little"
> busy during indexation : 100% of processor was taken by perl!! 

If nothing else is running, it will take 100%, I think that's rather 
normal. You can decrease the process priority if you like (also see the 

> And for
> the http crawl I asked, it take 2hours and 25 minuts to index around
> 1850 html pages. Is it a normal usage of the server??

Are you using 3.30beta? Indexing speed has been increased there. If you 
have enough RAM you should also set $LOW_MEMORY_INDEX = 0 to get more 

> The second question is : when I try to Index via the browser on a remote
> pc, I receive all the time an authentication message box. And it is
> seems that the server want to download the script instead of running
> it.. Is it normal??? What can I do to start indexing on a remote pc???

That's a bug in MSIE. Either replace "text/plain" in by 
"text/html" or some other browser.

> or * The idea is to run querys with directory filtering on, lets say " I
> want to find the word TGV on the directorys beginning with /trains/* or
> something like this..

Use <input type="hidden" name="include" value="/trains/"> for this 
(3.30beta only).