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[Perlfect-search] Indexing und PHP
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:39:35 +0200

I have a strange issue. My website starts with an index.php4 file. When
I index the site via HTTP, Perlfect is not indexing my site.

I get the following output:

Perlfect Search 3.30

Note: Do not call this script again while this instance is not finished.

Using DB_File...
Checking for old temp files...
Building string of special characters...
Loading 'no index' regular expressions:
        - */cgi-bin/*
        - */stats/*
        - */_notes/*
        - */images/*
        - */Templates/*
        - */secure/*
        - */Backup/*
        - */downloads/*
Loading stopwords...371 stopwords loaded.
Starting crawler...
Note: I will not visit more than $HTTP_MAX_PAGES=200 pages.
Crawler finished: indexed 1 files, 0 terms (0 different terms), 
ignored 0 files because of conf/no_index.txt

Calculating weight vectors: ...


When I rename my index.php4 file to index.html it works. But Perlfect is
entirely ignoring php files. 

The interesting part is that when I do it on my local machine in my
office (WinNT), everything works just fine. PHP files are being
perfectly indexed.

What am I missing? Is it maybe a problem with my hoster (Puretec)?

I would highly appreciate your help! Thank you!