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[Perlfect-search] can I use the same index data files for UNIX and WINDOWS?

Dimitri Stamatis
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 13:29:29 -0800
Can I use the same indexed binary data files for UNIX and WINDOWS?

Because of newly imposed CPU/memory restrictions from my hosting provider,
I'm no longer able to run the indexer on a Unix server.

So, I created a mirror of my site, on my WIN 2000 laptop, and ran, locally. After indexing, I tested it on Win 2000 and it worked
like a charm.

However, when I uploaded all the indexed binary files (content, desc,
inv_index, titles, etc.) to the Unix server, it didn't work correctly.

The results were absolutely inaccurate. Sometimes 95% of the results would
just point to my site's main URL.

I tried uploading the files as binary, as well as ASCII. No success.

Obviously, using an OS like Linux would solve the problem. I made my laptop
system, triple-boot with Redhat 7.2, Win 2000, and Win 98.

But, I'm completely new to Linux/Unix; I haven't even been able to properly
configure my mouse, let alone learn enough to install Apache, Tomcat, Perl,

Any suggestions?