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[Perlfect-search] Last Modified Date Not Displayed - Date For Actual File

ehnya chnia
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 00:34:54 +0000

>Your dynamic pages will have to return a "Last-Modified" http header.
>However, the problem is: if the page is dynamically built, what *is* > the 
>date of the last modification? If it's just the moment the page was 
>generated when being indexed, it probably won't make sense.

How about getting the last-modified date for the base file.
Meaning file.jsp is a dynamic file and got generated during the crawl, but 
file.jsp still has a last-modified date on the file system, which represent 
when the file actually got changed physically - content edited by user.

Is it possible to do so? I am not very well-versed with Perl but 
theoritically, it seemed possible, unless the present of the crawler 
prohibit it.


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