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[Perlfect-search] Behaviour Of Perlfect Crawler - Just To Confirm

ehnya chnia
Thu, 08 Aug 2002 10:25:07 +0000

If the $HTTP_START_URL variable is set to http://demo2/tnb and under
there contains an index file, the crawler would only
crawl from that file. Others which has no linkage would not be
indexed. But if we don't have index.html/index.jsp, this behaviour
won't exist as all files would be indexed. I did some simple experiment
and it seemed to behave that way. Am I right?

.... And I think I found a small bug in Perlfect. If the search results 
contain the index page, clicking on highlight matches would give an error 
because a slash was not appended at the end. However, the URL for the view 
page links and displayed URL is correct.


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