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[Perlfect-search] Error within page or script on
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 19:15:14 +0100
> >The '' script is called via Internet Explorer. It returns
> >an error 500, error with page or script.
> >The fault is the same with a 'pl' or 'cgi' extension.
> Hi Bob
> First thing I'd do is check the 'permissions' for ... make sure the
> file is executable (755 or 777)
> If that isn't the issue, I'd take a look at my server's error log. Most hosting
> companies make this information available.
> Lastly, I gather you were careful to upload the perl script components of 
> Perlfect
> in ASCII mode, rather than binary (as that adds linefeeds and otherwise 
> corrupts the files.)
Permissions at 777.
Cannot get access to server log. (See my previous mailing)
All files uploaded in ASCII mode.
4 other Pearl scripts working OK.
Thanks for your interest.