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[Perlfect-search] Multiple indexes?

Cameron Moore
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 10:27:25 -0500
* (Gaston Groisman) [2002.04.20 09:21]:
>    I searched the archive and couldn't find an answer for this.
>    I have several folders in my site, each with many thousands of files.
>    When a user searches one of them he doesn't care what is in the others.
>    I want to be able to have one index for each one of these folders and have
>    the user choose from many search forms, each form using a differente
>    index.
>    It must have something to do with installing several times the same script
>    with differente root files and databases but I am too new to this.  If
>    someone can help me with a more detailed axplanation of how to do this I
>    would trully appreciate it.

I don't have time to give code examples and all that today, but I use
perlfect-search on several virtual host accounts.  Basically have a in a "shared" area and do hard links (`ln /shared/`)
to that one copy from inside each vhosts cgi-bin.  Each vhost has it's
own and data/ directory.  The other shared scripts are put into
a single folder which requires a few adjustments in the code.

Hopefully that's clear as mud.  :-)
Cameron Moore
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