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Boyd Pearson
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 12:06:35 +1200
ok thanks

i did this and it works

if ($include eq '/wri/') {$h{'include'} = "the Writings section"}
if ($include eq '/art/') {$h{'include'} = "the Art section "}
if ($include eq '/bio/') {$h{'include'} = "the Biographies section"}
if ($include eq '/misc/') {$h{'include'} = "the Miscellaneous section"}
if ($include eq '/trib/') {$h{'include'} = "the Tributes section"}
if ($include eq '') {$h{'include'} = "All sections"}

and Daniel i get two copies of everything you post one with the 
perlfect-search mailing list sig and one without.

On 00:18 13/04/02 +0200, Daniel Naber Said:
>On Friday 12 April 2002 23.35, Boyd Pearson wrote:
> > any way to get the selected "Writings section" rather than "/wri/"
>Only by modifying the source in cast_template() in Every
>$h{'xxx'} = "yyy"; will replace <!--cgi: xxx--> with yyy in the page.
>  Daniel
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