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[Perlfect-search] php questions +

Cameron Moore
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 22:43:53 -0500
* (Boyd Pearson) [2002.04.12 21:16]:
> 1. how can i get my php includes to work in the search.html template ?
> 2. (related to q1) if i use the highlight searched words output the page 
> does nort use the php includes.
> 3. Is there a way to include the include\exclude term in the output 
> template (i see its in the address bar but i want to use it in the page)
> as i use the include for sections i would like to be able to do something 
> like
> your search for X in section X .....
> Other than that i love it.

I haven't had a change to mess with Apache 2.x, but I it may make it
easy to do what you want.  One of the new features (taken from

    Apache modules may now be written as filters which act on the stream
    of content as it is delivered to or from the server. This allows,
    for example, the output of CGI scripts to be parsed for Server Side
    Include directives using the INCLUDES filter in mod_include.

I can't think of another way to do this without having a php binary to
filter the script though via a shell command, but that's a major
security hole anyway.
Cameron Moore
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