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[Perlfect-search] Invalid Argument error in search.cgi 3.20
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 04:42:25 -0000

>> thanks daniel for your reply. i tried what you suggested:
>>                 [wboyd@ts1 search]$ perl -w search.cgi q=practice
>> and it worked!

> Then the problem might be that your CGI is running in a kind of sandbox,
> i.e. it sees different paths than you do in a shell. You should print out
> the current directory with a test CGI script to get the correct path, as
> your script sees it.

> Regards
> Daniel

> --

i created a script and ul'd it to my server. the script looped through %ENV
and @INC. it also loaded DB_File and Fcntl. i ran it from both the shell and
over the net. to make a long story short, from the shell the script uses
DB_File version 1.65 and Berkeley DB version 2.4. while from over the net
the exact same script uses DB_File 1.60 and Berkeley DB 1. Also a different
perl build is reported depending on where the script is ran. from the net it
uses 5.00502 while the from the shell it uses 5.00503.

i have tried popping and pushing @INC to get the script to use the newer
DB_File but not having any luck. any suggestions would be appreciated. How
long has perlfect depended on DB_File? since which version? DB_File 1.60 was
released sometime in '98. DB_File 1.64 was released in Feb '99.

Since the isp that hosts my site is a java/jsp/servlet environment they
don't really support perl. they are being as helpful as they can, but
naturally they are trying to push a java-based searcher/indexer solution. as
much as i love java, in this case it would be so much easier (at least it
should have been in theory) to install perlfect. but it looks like it's
gonna be java after all.

thanks again,