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[Perlfect-search] Treating underscores as spaces

Real Martel
Fri, 11 May 2001 05:17:51 -0600
oh really, maybe that wasn't the perfect example... But thanks for looking
into it.

Here's another one, and that one, I know for a fact doesn't work. I searched
for Frank Sinatra. No result. However, if you go to: you will find a
pagefull of them. I think in the Abba case, it's probably grabbing from the
folder as a word...

Does the search engine search on complete match only? What I mean is, using
the frank sinatra as an example, if I was looking for "natra" shouldn't it
find sinatra? Because that too returns an empty result...

Thanks again!

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On Friday 11 May 2001 03:12, you wrote:

> However, do a search for all words on "angel eyes" and it doesn't return
> any hit, although there is a song called angel_eyes.

I just tried it and I got a match. Perlfect Search replaces all special
characters by spaces in the index.


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