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Fw: Fw: [Perlfect-search] Warning: cannot remove ...

Hannes Schmiderer
Wed, 9 May 2001 21:49:57 +0200
>> $BASE_URL = '';
>> $HTTP_START_URL = '';

>You can try removing the final slash from $HTTP_START_URL or adding one to
>$BASE_URL, but I just tested it and I think the warning can be ignored. I
>will try to fix it for version 3.21.

I tried
$BASE_URL = '';
already. You then get search results with links like The Browsers ignore the //.
I think that removing the slash from $HTTP_START_URL  will not help either,
at least not for the external links.
And for the internal links it only would help for links like but not for links like Ok,
links to directories should always  end with a slash. I'll fix that.

Thank's anyway.
Best Regards