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xml (was Re: [Perlfect-search] data dump script)

Rob Stevenson
Mon, 7 May 2001 10:15:15 -0300
On Mon, May 7, 2001 will said...

>>I believe what you're aiming for is a search engine which could be
>>considered to a be part of "The Semantic Web". Have a look at...
>>No need to reinvent this particular wheel. Just look up Dublin Core and
>>RDF in the many sites that cover this field. You could start at the site
>>I maintain, below. (It uses perlfect search of course.)
>actually i'm being a lot lazier than that, but i take your point that 
>things are either done properly or by hacking about and one shouldn't 
>confuse the two.
>i'm reasonably familiar with dublin core and newsml and various other 
>possibilities, but i'm looking for something much simpler here: i 
>want to be able to designate a small number of arbitrary fields and 
>get perlfect to use some as bodies to index and some as descriptors 
>to return. i don't want to do that using simple regexes, if possible, 
>because it negates too many of the advantages of using xml in the 
>first place, but neither do i want to prescribe a great deal of 
>infrastructure for what are really quite simple tasks.
>one day i'll probably have to transpose a lot of data to an accepted 
>dtd (or schema, now?) for the sake of interoperability, but that day 
>seems rather far off and the people i work for  - activist and 
>charity types - tend to have low-rent servers that dislike the 
>overhead of doing things properly. in which case an 
>adequately-well-behaved use of perlfect as a free-text adjunct to the 
>main delivery system would be ideal.
>but if any of this is wrong-headed, i'd be very glad to hear it.

I couldn't agree more. ;-) When faced with a choice between doing it
right, someday, and doing it now, I'll take now every time.

Perhaps using something like the DC-dot - Dublin Core generator to create
some well defined metadata to place into the head of your HTML pages
would help get things started. The idea being that tweaking perlfect will
be easier if what you're tweaking it for is already defined. (And doing
it this way lets others use your tweak too.) DC-dot is at...

Give it a try. It's quick and easy, and even if your perlfect mods don't
hapen, your pages will have some useful info in them for the future.

Rob Stevenson - CIMI web manager