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[Perlfect-search] Greek support

SknipaZ RuleZ
Fri, 4 May 2001 14:51:10 +0300
I was pleased to see that the site is run by two greek persons
but on the other hand I was dissappointed when i saw that there
was no greek support on Perfect Search.
So here is the problems i got:
Prob 1:
When I try to search something using greek keywords these 
are translated to something like ������->P#923#932... or so
and returns no results.
(this only happens on windows boxes, on my linux box works ok)
At first i thought that maybe the charset of the templates 
was responsible. But no. It still had this prob after changing the
charset to iso-8859-7 (Greek Charset). 
Prob 2:
When i use Greek chars on the template (To personalize it greek) 
the words are returned to iso-8859-1 in some strange chars.

If someone knows how to correct this or have some patch code let 
me know.

Petros Kokotis