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[Perlfect-search] Results page problem

Owen Vickers
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 22:31:45

I'm having the following happen when I run a query on my intranet site using 
Perlfect 3.20.  I'm hoping it's just a configuration problem or something?

First off, I have the following options in

Now, if I search for a word that is incuded in 'stopwords.txt' by itself 
(e.g. the) I get no results, which is good :-).  If I search for a phrase 
that contains a stop word (e.g. the house) I get the following result;

1 . Medical & Like Services - Entitlements Score: 100%
...Medical & Like Services > The general entitlement section is section 99.  
If the worker has a...
...attempted to have the costs of his lawn mowing, house maintenance and 
house painting covered under section 99. In coming to...

The first result has "the" highlighted, but doesn't contain the word 
"house", the second result has "house" highlighted twice but not the word 
"the" :-(  This is regardles of selecting ALL words or ANY words.

Shouldn't it be ignoring a stop word included in a phrase??  Any ideas how 
to get this to do what I want?

Thanks in advance for your help and thanks for a great free product!

Owen Vickers
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