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Nutsy Waterbelly
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 08:19:33 -0800 (PST)
Hi... I'd like to give this a go. 

> I'm getting ready to install v2.0 on my Win2k Advanced Server and have =
> run into some trouble getting the HTML-Tagset PPD module installed.  I'm =
> running Activestate 5.6 something, and have installed all the other =
> modules needed, but when I try and install that one I always get an =
> error saying it couldn't locate it.  I'm able to find it on the web at:


My server has no access to the internet (as it's an intranet server), well...
at least from the command line. So when I tried to install the DB_File module
it said "Sorry... too perilous". So what I did was download the ppd file by
hand, drop it in a temp directory in the near vicinity of my cgi-bin dir (you
could probably put the temp dir anywhere that your perl works really).  Then I
went into that directory in the command line, and run the installer from there.
 That worked nicely. 

Hope that helps!

Gina :)

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