Perlfect Solutions


Marc Oliver Ruebel
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 12:28:09 +0200
Hi everybody,
I have to index my websites through http, because I have no telnet access to
my domain.
Now, I have a problem that my indexer never finishes!!
That's the screen which freezes after starting the indexer:
Perlfect Search 3.20 Note:
Do not call this script again while this instance is not finished.
Using DB_File...
Checking for old temp files...
Building string of special characters...
Loading 'no index' regular expressions:
- /kunden/homepages/30/d18599904/htdocs/ka-nightlife/cgi-bin/*
Loading stopwords...Done.
Starting crawler... /kunden/homepages/30/d18599904/htdocs/ka-nightlife/
1: /kunden/homepages/30/d18599904/htdocs/ka-nightlife/index.htm
2: /kunden/homepages/30/d18599904/htdocs/ka-nightlife/umfrli.htm
3: /kunden/homepages/30/d18599904/htdocs/ka-nightlife/umfrob.htm
4: /kunden/homepages/30/d18599904/htdocs/ka-nightlife/umfrre.htm
43: /kunden/homepages/30/d18599904/htdocs/ka-nightlife/site101.htm
After this it hangs for the next hour(s).
Is this normal that it takes that long (over 1 hour) if you index over http?
It also doesn't mention any subdirectories in the indexing-list and there
are some.
Does anybody knows what I'm doing wrong!!
Thanks in advance