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[Perlfect-search] Mangled URL
13 Mar 2001 00:14:19 -0800

I've just installed perlfect search. I enjoyed the simplicity of the set up, and the fact that it worked first time (almost) I've been looking at several search engines, and so far this has been the best as far as power/ease of use goes.

I do however have one problem. My intended use of perlfect search is on a small home lan. One of my computers is going to be used as a kind of archive of emails and documents etc. The documents will be served to the rest of the lan by appache. 

So when I set up perlfect, I entered as the 'hostname' of my server.

So when I start up my browser, I enter

To which I get a search dialogue, (except it says 'Your search did not produce any results' when I havn't entered a search string yet!)

So I enter a search string 'dog'

I then get an error, requested url not found.

The url is

So, my url gets repeated there for some reason. Cutting the duplicated portion of the url gives me

Which returns a page with valid search results.

When I click on one of the results I get a similary issue, in the I get a duplicated portion of the url


Again, if I edit out the first half, leaving the second IP address and the remainder, I go to a valid address.

Anyone got any ideas? I've checked out the faq and searched the archives, but couldn't find anyone with the same problem.