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AW: [Perlfect-search] indexing-error "Cannot open inv_index_tmp"

Fri, 22 Jun 2001 01:04:31 +0200
sorry bothering you once more...

>>I wonder why you are getting this warning?
"*** Warning: You are calling this program in an insecure way!
*** Use method="POST" to make the call more secure."
>>Are you indexing via index_form.html? Did you change that file, e.g. the
>>method attribute?

actually i was running it directly by calling it like this:

>>You should try values like these for $DOCUMENT_ROOT and similar for

the pathes are correct since they work with other perl-scripts. Also, i
manually created the file cgi-bin/search/data/inv_index_tmp (0 Bytes) - and
the script deleted the file as it should (somewhere in the first lines), so
i doesn't have trouble actually finding it.
Thanx again-

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