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[Perlfect-search] Result click opens new window

Daniel Naber
Sat, 14 Jul 2001 23:58:40 +0200
On Friday 13 July 2001 23:35, you wrote:

> How can I make clicking on a result always open in a new window
> rather than the same window?

You can add a traget="_blank" in the <a ...> tag in templates/search.html.

> If you search for just stop words, it properly does not show any
> results.  However, if you search for regular words plus stop words
> the stop words will also get their own context description line in the
> search result.  Is this supposed to happen?  If so, can I stop it?

Well, at least I don't consider this a bug. You will have to extend the 
term_emphasize() function in if you don't like it. You will need 
to make it return immediately if $term is in @stopwords.


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