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[Perlfect-search] Search results

Daniel Naber
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 22:56:26 +0100
On 2001-01-31 21:23, Richard Triplett Jr wrote:

> Hi, just installed latest version of Perlfect search v3.10 on a Unix
> box. went flawlessly and worked well, but all files
> were created with _tmp at end of filename before extension. 

You need to install DB_File (see FAQ).

> I have 20 .htm docs that contain keyword ESH . I have one document that
> contains keyword CDC . Searching for CDC pulls up just this one doc.
> Searching for ESH pulls up all 20. Searching for ESH+CDC should pull up
> just the one doc, but retrieves all 20. 

Did you try "ESH +CDC" (note the space)? It also may be related to DB_File.


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