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Dave Campbell
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 23:50:28 -0000
1) My first index consisted of 16,000 files- is this pushing the indexing
process to max? (174 mins on a redhat 6.2 256 meg of ram p2 400mhz)

2) Is there are significant performance increase in the index processing
under MOD_PERL?

3) I have a site problem with the search results:

OPTION value="all" and OPTION value="any" in the HTML search form returns
the same results.

Example search for 'dave campbell' returns 2111 results with option 'all'
and the same number for option 'any'.  Further the search results are
weighting multiple instances of single words higher than full strings.  A
page with 5 instances of 'Dave' is placed higher than a page with the string
'Dave Campbell' when 'Dave campbell' is searched option all.

It seems to me that the search form is not passing the option 'all' rather
is defualting to 'any'

Heres my HTML

   <FORM method="GET"
  <INPUT type="hidden" name="p" value="1">
  <INPUT type="hidden" name="lang" value="en">
  <SELECT name="mode" size="1" tabindex="1">
   <OPTION value="all" selected>Match ALL words
   <OPTION value="any">Match ANY word
  <INPUT type="text" name="q"><INPUT type="submit" value="Search">

And heres an example

Thanks in advance

dave campbell