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[Perlfect-search] ignoring no-index.txt

Thu, 18 Jan 2001 12:00:34 +0100
> i have a problem with perlfect-search 3.10. The script is
> definitely ignoring my no-index.txt file which i a serious problem because
> have several directory with images and stuff like that which are pretty
> and the indexing of these dirs costs way too much time. Here is what's in
> no-index.txt:
> /www/awn/cgi-bin/*
> /www/awn/htdocs/images/*
> /www/awn/htdocs/css/*
> /www/awn/htdocs/scripts/*
> /www/awn/htdocs/shop/*
> /www/awn/htdocs/inside/old/*

Hi there,

i have solved the Problem. There was some kind of "fake-symbolic-link" in
the server-root which lead perlfect-search to index the images directorys...
No it's running perfect....