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[Perlfect-search] excluding file@ directories

Tue, 9 Jan 2001 02:19:45 +0000
>I've been having problems excluding directories that have the @ 
>symbol behind them (ie. blah@). I've tried adding almost everything 
>to the no_index.txt config file, but nothing seems to work. 
>Everytime I try using, the script goes into an infinite 
>loop. Is there a fix to this?

are you trying to miss out all directories that end in @, or specify 
particular directories which happen to end that way?

if it's the former, then you'll need to use 3.20b (i think) or add a 
line to Which is probably naughty, i don't know.

If the latter, then it seems like it should work in the usual way.

(but perhaps someone can explain something to me? ive been trying to 
see where the problem might be and there's a quotemeta step in the 
loading of the exclusions file which seems redundant to me since the 
exclusion strings are interpolated rather than evaluated later on. 
perhaps that's it?)