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[Perlfect-search] <!--cgi: navbar--> shows [1] even when ther e is zero search resul t

Daniel Naber
Tue, 9 Jan 2001 00:45:59 +0100
On 2001-01-09 00:46, you wrote:

> 1)In, line 164, I replaced
> push @other, $terms_db{$sterm} if $terms_db{$sterm};
> by
> push @force, $terms_db{$sterm} if $terms_db{$sterm};
> to make default logical AND. But now for a string say, sanjeev or(OR)
> tiwari, it's giving the same result(what use to come with AND).

Well, why don't you just update to 3.20beta? It will work there.

> 2) In version 3.10, in the search result page, the description that
> comes along with the URL contains the text from the body of HTML page.
> Is there any way, so that the description from the META TAG is displayed
> there(so that user will get the exact idea of that URL) instead of the
> text from the body of the html page.What changes needs to be done in the
> code..

This should also be solved by 3.20beta (your "description" may contain
new lines, that was the problem in < 3.20).


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