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[Perlfect-search] Re: search results

Rob Stevenson
Thu, 4 Jan 2001 11:37:34 -0400
on 04/01/01 10:19 Daniel Naber said...

>> I have the conf set to work with a lot of file types, including pdf,
>> ppt, doc, xls, rtf and so on. I did this before I noticed that this
>> version of perlfect doesn't do pdf docs. But it nevertheless spends some
>> time looking at each of these files and includes them in the results.
>It will only (i.e. mostly) include binary garbage. v3.20beta can index PDF 
>and anything that contains ASCII text (e.g. HTML). v3.10 can only index 
>anything with ASCII text and needs a patch to index PDF

Thanks Daniel. So it will correctly index, say, doc and rtf files, but 
may also include the rtf code or other binary garbage? How about Excel 
and PowerPoint files? More garbage?

Here's my file type setting from the

@EXT = ("htm","html","txt","doc","pdf","xls","ppt","rtf");

What would be a reasonable one to index as much as possible of the site?



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