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Daniel Naber
Thu, 4 Jan 2001 15:19:51 +0100
On 2001-01-04 15:08, you wrote:

> I have the conf set to work with a lot of file types, including pdf,
> ppt, doc, xls, rtf and so on. I did this before I noticed that this
> version of perlfect doesn't do pdf docs. But it nevertheless spends some
> time looking at each of these files and includes them in the results.

It will only (i.e. mostly) include binary garbage. v3.20beta can index PDF 
and anything that contains ASCII text (e.g. HTML). v3.10 can only index 
anything with ASCII text and needs a patch to index PDF

> The results return the IP address of the server rather than the domain
> name. Is this normal, or have I missed something in conf?

That's a question of $BASE_URL in


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